Dao Mau. Mother Goddess Worship.

mpther-God-worship-1-of-1The ” Dao Mau” religion refers to the worship of Mother Goddesses in Vietnam. In the beginning, Goddesses worship depicted representations of nature like the Goddess of the earth, water, and mountain. later princesses, queens, and female founders of craft villages were honored and worshipped by the local people as Mother Goddesses. The image of the Mother Goddess is very familiar in Vietnamese Spiritual life.

mpther-God-worship-1-of-1-2The spiritual trance ritual takes place at pagodas and temples in a very solumn atmosphere. Colorful offerings and flickering candles, making the main sanctuary a splendid stage, along with now high and then low music is used to welcome the spirits. A selected medium becomes a different person as they embody the deities spirits.

mpther-God-worship-1-of-1-3 Although the Vietnamese government had initially proscribed the practice of these rituals, deeming them to be superstitious, they relented in 1987.

mpther-God-worship-1-of-1-4These photos were taken at Vang Pagoda in Tam Dao over a period of few weeks.

mpther-God-worship-1-of-1-5The ceremony can last for a few hours. the medium will change her clothing three or four times.

mpther-God-worship-1-of-1-6The medium will offer money and food, fruit and sweets to the spirits. The medium passes money out to the audience. It’s called lucky money which they advise you not to spend.

mpther-God-worship-1-of-1-7The medium can perform the ceremony for different families and friends who believe in her abilities.




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