Veterans For Peace in Viet Nam

Veterans For Peace is a global organization of Military Veterans and allies whose collective efforts are to build a culture of peace by using our experiences and lifting our voices. We inform the public of the true causes of war and the enormous costs of war, with an obligation to heal the wounds of war. Chapter 160 of Veterans for Peace in Vietnam sponsors a two week tour every year bringing Veterans and journalists and peace activist to Vietnam. We visit Victims of Agent Orange poisoning and Vietnamese Veterans of the War and visit positive projects that are helping heal the country of Vietnam and its people. Each member of the tour donates $1000 to help finance these projects. In 2013 we raised over $17,000.

These are photos are from the Veterans For Peace Tour 2013.

photo01VFP Tour visiting Friendship Village in Hanoi. A residence and hospital for Agent Orange victims, Vietnamese veterans, their children and grandchildren founded by a U.S. veteran, the late George Mizo.

photo02Chuck Searcy the Vice President for VFP greets former NVA soldier.

photo03Elaine Elinson makes a new friend with one of students at Friendship Village.

photo04Group visits classroom at Friendship Village.

photo05French Leger a Navy Veterans meets former NVA soldiers.

photo06Manus a Marine Veteran meets former NVA soldiers.

photo07On left Gayle Hodges and on right Joni Marie Clemens pose with former NVA soldiers.

photo08Manus poses with Former NVA soldiers.

photo09Joni with some Veterans.

photo10Chuck Searcy presents General Rinn with Nick Turse’s book, Kill Anything That Moves”.

photo11VFP Tour meets with VAVA in Hanoi for briefing on Agent Orange issues in Vietnam.

photo12Group discusses issues concerning the US government not taking reponsibility for the use of Agent Orange during the war.

photo13Womens Museum in Hanoi.

photo14Nixon has blood on his hands.

photo15VAVA meeting.

photo16Orange Cow project briefing in Hue.

photo17Ladies posing at Ushi’s restaurant in Hue.

photo18Orange Cow briefing.

photo19Project Renew Education Center Dong Ha.

photo20Thich Nu Minh Tu Director of Duc Son Pagoda . Home of 170 Orphans receives dolls brought by Russell Christensen from his home in Maine.

photo21Chuck Searcy and Minh Tu.

photo22In Quang Tri Project Renew briefs tour on project to clear area of unexploded ordinance. Still a danger to farmers and children in this heavily bombed Provence.

photo23Since the end of war in 1975 100,000 have been killed or maimed by unexploded ordinance in Vietnam.

photo24In close proximity to the DMZ, Quang Tri Provence was the most heavily bombed and shelled area of Vietnam during the war.

photo25More than 83% of the total area of Quang Tri remains contaminated with unexploded ordinance, compared to an average contamination of 20% nationwide.

photo26Over the past 10 years Project Renew has been working to save lives,reduce injuries and fatalities and improve the livelihoods of survivors and victims families residing in Quang Tri. Visit Project to learn more.

photo54Truong Son Cemetery containing over 10,000 graves of soldiers and civilians who died in defense and maintenance of Ho Chi Minh Trail.

photo55Mike Kerber at Truong Son Cemetery.

photo56Russell Christensen Korean War Veteran paying his respects at Truong Son.

photo57Vietnamese and Americans at Truong Son.

photo58Truong Son Cemetery.

photo59Vietnamese woman paying respects.

photo60Mike Kerber and Don Blackburn.

photo61Manus at Truong Son Cememetery.

photo62War. What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing.

photo63Chris and Signe Jamison.

photo64Vietnamese woman maintaining the graves.

photo65Signe and Chris Jamison and Greg Miller.

photo66Russell Christenson at Peace Bell at Truong Son Cemetery.

photo67Truc our guide with Joni Marie Clemens.

photo68Mike Kerber and Joni Clemens.

photo69Lighting candles at grave.

photo70Truong Son Cemetery.

photo71Truc, Mike and Joni.

photo78Elaine Elinson.

photo76Myra MacPherson.

photo75Chris hoisting heavy bag of Casava carried by women.

photo72VFP tour visits old Khe Sanh military base on DMZ.

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