Soldiers from USA and Viet Nam dinner in Hanoi.





Four North Vietnamese soldiers from Hanoi invited three American Veterans to have dinner together in Summer of 2012. Deryle Perryman saw an article in Vietnamese paper about these four NVA veterans who return every year to Kon Tom where they search for their fellow soldiers who were killed and buried on battlefield. When they locate them they return their remains to Hanoi to be buried by their families. Deryle was in the same battle with these men . A Vietnamese friend was able to locate these men and planned a meeting with them in Kon Tom. Later Chuck Searcy and I joined Deryle and Moises Gonzalez and we had a dinner with the four NVA soldiers in Hanoi. One soldier remarked that in Vietnamese culture love is bigger than hate and revenge. That is why we could come together in peace. He hoped we all could have good health so we could meet again next year.

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