I visited this young man in his home in Hue. He stays at home with his younger sister. His parents are working in the rice fields everyday. Every month the nuns from Long Tho Pagoda visit him and bring him money so he can have milk and treats. When I entered his home I was carrying 4 containers of milk ,a bag of chips and a box of cookies. He got so excited and came across the floor and he was able to hit the bag of chips out of my hand. I was eager to open the bag of chips for him and they exploded falling onto floor. He laughed and laughed as he ate them. I sat on the floor with him and I spoon fed him milk and crumbled cookies into his mouth. He was full of joy. He was so happy and patient with me as I slowly fed him. He gave me so much joy and happiness. I was so touched by his spirit. His life is such a challenge but he could still be happy in the moment. He gave me such a gift.

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