These are some of the Orphans from Quang Chau Pagoda in Da Nang who love to laugh and smile. HIVOW and other NGO’s here continue to help these children.


With Le Ly Hayslip at Quang Chau Pagoda and Orphanage in Da Nang.IMG_3609Children eating at Quang Chau OrphanageIMG_3626_2The older girls help out with the babies and younger children.IMG_3626_2IMG_3555Overcrowded beds and cribs are a concern as the population increases with unwanted children due to unwanted pregnancy or financial problems.IMG_3579Adoption is not permitted at this orphanage.
IMG_3680Bunk beds were purchased for the children. A new roof that can allow sunlight and fresh air was installed. Flooring was replaced with non slip tiles and new garden was established.

Incense class at Beloved school in Hue.

full-moon-autumn-2011-3Teacher Khanh with Manus and Binh.

party disabled children daydisabled kids day-48Party for children with World Challenge Group.

MG_7925Christmas Party 2012 with Santa Kelvin Gabel.

MG_7918Photographer Quynh.

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