Making Metal drums from American Bombs

Khoa Pham was born in Saigon and he went to school in Paris and lived in France for 45 years.  While in Paris he saw the “Hang” drum which is a steel drum that was made in Switzerland. He tried to purchase this drum but the waiting list and cost was prohibitive. He moved to Hoi An and he heard about a famous family that made gongs for the Pagodas and minority tribes for over 500 hundred years. Khoa and Tuan met an together they built “Sky Drums” made from the metal of American bombs. Sky drums because they came from the sky. The shrapnel  of the bombs are melted down into a liquid and then poured into forms which make the top and bottom of the drum. Tuan and Khoa are both musicians and can carve the metal to create musical notes.

Fire used to melt the shrapnel of American bombs.

IMG_6577 2Tuan and his wife and two sons make gongs and drums together. The woman is the one who tends the fire.IMG_6582 2Khoa is playing the sky drum with Hien and Phu at the Land mines Education center in Dong Ha. I donated a drum to Project Renew Education Center in May 2014IMG_6544Playing at Khoa’s home.
IMG_0217Sky drum with 9 notes.IMG_0216The unique sound of the sky drum attracts a policeman.IMG_6528 2Pouring the melted metal into the forms to creat the drum.IMG_0217IMG_6626IMG_6607 2

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