History Of HIVOW

HIVOW is a 501c(3) Non Government Organization incorporated in New Jersey, United States Of America. HIVOW was started by Manus Campbell in 2009 to help the Poor, Orphan and disabled children of Viet Nam.

Manus has lived in Viet Nam since 2010. He lived and worked at the Beloved School and Orphanage in Hue from January 2010 till December 2012. Manus moved to Hoi An because of the extreme weather in Hue.

One Hundred percent of all donations have gone to sponsoring the Beloved School in Hue and the Duc Son Orphanage in Hue.

HIVOW provided blankets and food to the Bui Van Kieu minority tribe in Khe Sanh and the Pa Co Tribe in Hue.

HIVOW and Eurasia Foundation partnered together to build a dining room and kitchen on the grounds of Long Tho Pagoda to feed the orphan children living with the nuns.

HIVOW funded a water purification system at Beloved school and Long Tho Pagoda.

HIVOW supports education fees for Disabled children at Kianh Foundation in HOI An

HIVOW supports Children’s Hope in Action in Hoi An providing funds for physical therapy and housing for disabled children.

HIVOW supports education funds for poor girls education in Quang Nam through Children’s Education Foundation in Hoi An.

HIVOW supports Tuan Nguyen living expenses so he can attend University full time. Tuan is a survivor of an Unexploded Ordinace and a volunteer at Land mines Education Center in Quang Tri.

HIVOW partners with other NGO’s and Volunteers to help Quang Chau Orphanage in Da Nang. Helping to install new windows and removable roof to allow fresh air and light into the children’s living space. Creating a new garden and replacing floor tiles with non slip tiles in bathroom areas.

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