Meeting Viet Nam Soldiers Bat Trang Village

IMG_2520Dong and Kai walking through Bat Trang Village.TLPH5853-EditAt My second visit to Dong’s home in Bat Trang Village.FullSizeRenderDong and Manus in Hoi An at U CafeIMG_2629Manus and Kai saying goodbye after meeting arranged by Dong. Kai told story about literally running into an American soldier and they both fell down and ran away from each other. He served in war for nine years.TLPH5757The three women are family or married to former Vietnamese soldiers. They gave me two ceramics gifts. One piece represents friendship.TLPH5822Lam is the older sister of Dong and graciously entertained us and cooked a fabulous lunch for everyone.IMG_2578Many stories were shared about the war and their lives afterwards. Dong and Kai both made ceramic pottery after the war.IMG_2566Dong’s two sisters and their grandson.IMG_2520IMG_2629Manus and Kai shaking hands after spending day together with Dong and family.TLPH5689Dong Manus Kai. Bat Trang VillageIMG_2607Manus and Lam having a good laugh at Lam’s home. Lam is older sister of Dong.

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